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Drawings Bald Eagle picture Factory Employees

Bald Eagle Drawings-welcome to new didacticiel not factory image where you will learn how to draw an Eagle pygargue.
The Bald Eagle is a proie two birds was found in North America; and he is the national symbol and the birds of the United States.
She arranged includes most of Canada and Alaska, all contigus United States, and Northern Mexico. He found near bodies of water open a loading equipment food and old trees growing to imbrication.
Bald Eagle is a large bird with a wingspan of up to 2.44 rifle (96 in), and a mass of 2.5 kilograms – 7. female are about 25 percent larger than males. Bald Eagle, the old man there is a natural body Brown with a white head and queue, light yellow irises, and Golden taloned feet and raccordé cleft.
Now that you know a little more of amazing bird Let's take to do it.
The first thing to do is to establish the main line and this form guide in the drawing in this case I have taken three formes simple will form the head (red), and cleft and Eagle (green).

Once this main formes establishing let's into them and try to define a line this gate position two eyes and a new line marks the line from my mouth, and I have drawn line both in the green.I have tryed to follow volume shapes. For, for example eyes had such a line that is supposed to follow the curvature of the head.The same thing for cleft .

Ok, now we have a very high picture structure for you, as I have done in this post is meant as seleton line to wrap in a plan give us a reference to where the current body stretching is have taken draw a simple circle eye drops and are listed on the dark line cleft.: Let's

save. Next part we will learn how to add more details of the drawing and how to Go the affiner elements: one for part 2 > > If you love didacticiel we may ask you to spread the world on areas where we say your friend, left a comment below and tell us if you want more.We would like your voice;Bookmark and Share
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