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Commissioner ask Employees Factory picture

Enough for this very special section factory image. This is an opportunity for you to create a channel direct, private and a unique art and to be the ruler of a illustration to enjoy for the rest of your life.
Rest assured that the painting Lucia will give an account we will have on of a quality; and as he had no delight repeat his head and he will not do according to préférences, an account of your special occasion you want to use it for.
Please continue to read it with a loud voice, it may become clear and discover how Lucia more facile and simple, and ordered an urgent painting, a unique gift for you, or ones English.

My name is Lucia and I am a full time artist, painter and illustrator of books.
I am born and bred in Livorno, Tuscany, where buissons Center romarin and saltiness, I went down in Brisbane, Australia, in 2006, and now I have a possum families who were living in the garage.
Since 2007 I paint and from selling my Art mostly from Australia, the United States and Europe.
You can see me on my Web site illustré in this book.
Use the open space below really easy. Skin Sur big game are here to play the open space; if you want you can expand the open space for screen to skin right bottom boards in a gallery.
What satisfied customers say about work Lucia.
When you paint a very simple, just follow this policy.
You can contact me using contact form page this is over and tell me if you have an independent candidate to painting or you want to create something original for you.
If you prefer, you can just tell me one thing that you would like to see in the chart, I will take care of the rest.
You need to also tell me the chart size and all kinds of painting palette (for example, if you want red to green prevail, or a combination of color that we).
The chart will determine Prices according to size.You can well determined to painting since onglet until the bottom page this price.A price determined on a '' painting "If you want to base a rule canvas size. use the money to calculate price convertisseur wdget Board if you live in a country where lending by USD.
Once I have this information, I will have some préparatoires B/W esquisses, send them in for you, not a load. you can have a look in and decide if you want to board the dinamic is a process, we may ask my modifications in Santo with I will incorporer in esquisses préparatoires.
When you and esquisses, I will send you a contract to the chart. contract is an agreement very simple indiquant among you that you are my payment 50% last money in advance and the 50% ended when the chart.
Keep in mind I will send you a picture of the finished painting through email sent before the current in every good thing for you.
Is easy, even as I accept PayPal credit card, PayPal or direct deposit Bank on me.
When the chart was over I will send you a picture not email to approve you.
In this scene, if you want, you can still opt out many small modifications and we are required to pay for Board and, as well as the money made, I will send the chart for you.
Board your personal will be shipped by express delivery, rolling in a far as your stomach prepared to address you gave orders to have intercourse.
Delivery in prices of painted hassle so there is no difficult you put I use mail Australia which is real and inexpensive to send them I will send all around the world, even if you're on the other side of the globe not worried, I get to you.
Keep in mind, however, that if you want a mass cloth size larger than the flaw ceux I will send you the canvas rolls around in a tube, you have to the economic picture is you.
Flaw Size will cause étirée prison streching and ready to is already.
Please remember to contact me and canvas size.
Well if you choose one of the standard size I will send you painting on a canvas étirée, frame and ready to keep if you choose another size, I will send a painting on a canvas laminés with you to pull your economic picture.
I hope this information enough to become a leader on my vision if you want, you can find more details on me and on my art I found on the website, or you can simply contact me in the form for more information.
It is I am looking forward to hear us.

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