Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Dessins Employees Factory picture

by Vincenzo
That is a great charity dessins English and one in about draw fan.
Didacticiel In this I will guide you in a very simple and effective process that draw a (obviously not a anatomique or medical representation) and color.
This approach is to take the guess work way and with a series of construction lines give you a good foundation for a draw effectively each time you draw.

The first thing to do, is to draw two identical circles, like in the photo CAN I-dessus. As in the picture of the circles should intersect and only a little.
Then draw a vertical line passing through intersection circles.These ligne that.

The next critical post you can draw a third circle positionné in the photo CAN I-dessus.As you see circle is right in the middle of ligne and the other two circles Coupé in point 1.2 3-4. All circles have the same size and form.
Now we have a good one on which to build that you quoted as circles that which is complete but they don't need to draw circles, but also very and will conférer so that we are in a see details and it is good.

The first step is to draw the head to trace the party in the first two circles, you're drawing as a one.I am using the red, color, like the heart.
Footprint next the most difficult but not worry and take your time, I am sure that we will do.

As you see the drawing you should draw a line, a curved line that is smoothly together and for printing. Obviously, it will not make it's easy to make sense and can take some tents.
Habituelle Also practice and repetition will make you complete.

Obviously do the same for both sides and ...hey: you are about to do it. time to color to perfection.
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